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Know Someone’s Personality From the Way He Takes a Bag

Bags would be the goods needed by everyone. Especially for women, bags become one of the items that support their overall appearance. So, many women chose the ladies briefcase very carefully and adapted to their needs. All women certainly use bags in different ways.

This turned out to be related to their personality. You can see someone’s personality from the way he carried his bag. Here’s how to look at a person’s personality from how he carried his bag.

1. Wear a bag on the side of the shoulder and keep it close to the body
If you are a person who likes to put a bag beside the body and keep it attached to the body, you are a practical, protective and efficient person. You are freer to move without obstacles in the body but often anxious, that’s why you prefer to keep the purse beside the body.

2. Carry the bag on the arm
You who have the style of carrying a bag like this is the person who likes to show the status, position or position you have. You prioritize your social status and walk confidently with it.
Carry with your hands next to your body

3. Carry the bag with the arm next to the body
If you like the style of carrying a bag like this, you’re a simple and hardworking person. But sometimes you like doing unnecessary things and carrying heavy things. You try to show that you are a busy woman and work professionally.

4. Wear the bag strap on the shoulder beside your body and let it swing
If you like to put a bag directly on the shoulder and let it swing freely, you are a self-interested person. You are not too regulated, open, but that is what often harms yourself.

the four things above are the way someone brings their bag and you can guess their personality. then, from now on you can guess their personality from the bag they carry.