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Things to do when your AC isn’t as cold as it’s used to be

There are so many problems that may happen to your AC, and it can be annoying if it can’t be used during a very hot summer day. However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it, it’s because there are things that you might like to do when your AC loses its coldness. Aside from having a reliable air conditioning service to check on your AC, there are things that you may wanna do:

1. Try to check out the freon of your AC

Sometimes the problem is as simple as refilling the freon, which is the chemical compound which makes the AC capable of producing the “coldness” in a room.

2. Try to close as much air circulation spots in your room as possible

This prevents the cold air from the AC to escapes from the room easily.

3. Try to make your room becomes smaller

It may be possible by using a little bit of a renovation project, so the AC can cover a much smaller room, and the minimalist room can be recommended for it..