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How Temperature and Climate Impacts on the Performance of Your Car

Do you want to keep your car at its highest performance level? Go to the site of 0-60 times to get related info! For those of you who are used to driving cars every day throughout the year, you must have felt the difference in performance on your vehicle during the dry season and the rainy season. Your vehicle can experience a decline in performance during the summer and vice versa in the rainy season, the performance of your vehicle can be better.

In fact, temperature and climate do influence the performance of your vehicle’s engine, both on a large scale and on a small scale. Apparently, there is a fact of ‘science’ behind it all. Then, how can temperature and climate affect car performance? Temperature and climate can affect the performance of the car in several circumstances:

Higher temperature

High temperatures accompanied by excessive use of cars can affect engine performance. Car engines are generally designed to be able to withstand high temperatures. However, this resilience has a limit. If the heat experienced on the engine exceeds the temperature limit that can be received by the engine, damage caused by overheating may occur.

Lower temperature

At lower or cooler temperatures, air has a more dense molecule, so air carries more oxygen than when it’s hot. The more amount of oxygen that enters the engine cylinder, the more fuel that can be processed into energy. However, this can indeed cause more gasoline to be used, in other words; more wasteful.

Temperature affects the car battery

Apparently, different temperatures can have different effects on car batteries. At higher temperatures, usually chemical activity can occur faster and cause more corrosion in battery cells, so the lifespan of a car battery is usually shorter than in winter. If it is too hot, the battery can be damaged and must be replaced. When the weather is colder, the battery that has less power can freeze at -1 ° C, which can cause total damage to battery cells in the battery.

Oil that cannot stand heat or cold

Oils that are not specifically designed for use in tropical countries can also be a contributing factor to vehicle performance degradation. Oli Deltalube is designed specifically for the use of vehicles both cars and motorbikes in tropical countries, so you also need to consider this one point to keep your engine’s performance stable.