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When Cancer Patients Can not Sleep, These Tips Can Help

The problem with sleep patterns that cause sleep hours to change or cannot sleep can be experienced by anyone. No exception in cancer patients. Whereas cancer patients should get optimal sleep time, not to lack of rest. So, what causes the emergence of sleep disorders in cancer? Find out the answer by visiting hope4cancer reviews.

Why cancer patients often cannot sleep? Sleep is one thing you can not miss every day. The reason, sleep and rest have an important function to restore the body’s energy after a day of activity. Various good benefits can also be obtained if you get optimal sleep time. For example can maintain physical and mental health, lower blood pressure, strengthen the immune system, and so forth.

Generally, people who get cancer treatment are more susceptible to fatigue so require a longer sleep time. However, a study shows that most cancer patients actually feel the opposite, ie cannot sleep soundly. This sleep disorder can be triggered by several factors, namely:

1. Side effects of cancer treatment

Sleep disorders insomnia can be experienced up to three times more in cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy than in healthy people. In addition, the work of drugs taken by cancer patients such as hormone therapy, corticosteroids, tranquilizers, and antidepressants, used in the long run can lead to insomnia.

2. Complaints arising from drugs and cancer treatment

Unconsciously, things that arise from cancer treatments such as pain, anxiety, easy night sweats, digestive problems, bladder problems, and respiratory problems also affect sleep patterns of cancer patients.

3. Not able to manage stress well

In addition to the effects of medication and medication, many cancer patients can not sleep because of prolonged stress. Conditions that trigger stress also varied, ranging from fears of illness suffered; anxious about personal life, family, or work; as well as thinking about the physical changes that result from treatment.