Clean Your Fur Carpet With These Three Simple Ways

If you have a carpet at home, then all you have to do is clean it regularly. Visit to get the perfect cleaning and can produce excellent cleanliness on your carpet. One type of carpet that is always dirty and filled with dust is a fur carpet. So, there are several ways you can use, like

– Clean with a Soft Brush
For daily care. You can bring your carpet to outdoor and clean it there. Because the dirty that stick in that carpet can fly in your home.

– Drying Jemur
Dry your fur carpet once a week to remove bacteria and germs. Because drying the carpet can prevent carpet become moist and can remove the odor on the carpet.

– Vacuum Cleaner
a vacuum cleaner can be used as an alternative to clean the fur carpet. But by way of sealing the carpet with a thin cloth or cloth that has a loose fiber, then put the cloth on the fur carpet. vacuum carpets so that the dust is lifted through the cracks of the fabric without damaging the feathers on the carpet.