Avoid Some of These Mistakes In Decorating And Designing Your Apartment

As an apartment dweller, you are required to use and arrange it properly in order to have a comfortable effect when you are there. One of the apartments you can choose is parc esta showflat. that way, then you can get maximum comfort due to minimal maintenance cost and easy access.

However, unfortunately, in decorating and designing an apartment, there are still people who are wrong in doing so. There are some mistakes that they still often do when decorating their apartment. Some of the errors in question are

1. Hang the curtain too low
Proper laying of the curtains can change the small ambiance of the room. When using the curtains, hang the iron sticks as high as possible, the closer to the ceiling the better. Or you can install iron curtain directly on the ceiling. This will draw the view up and make the window look bigger.

2. Choosing furniture that is too big or small
The biggest mistake that occurred in the studio apartment or small space is the owner uses the scale of furniture that is not appropriate in the area of ??his stay. Using furniture that is too small or too large can spoil the atmosphere of the room and make it look smaller than its true size. Similarly, avoid filling the room with too much furniture.

3. Using too many accessories
Too many accessories can make a small parc esta showflat look crowded, but too little also makes it look empty. With the choice of objects as accents, you can create the illusion of space to feel more spacious. Choose accents in the form of a display of art with a higher size for a small room to make the room seem more open. Mirrors can also fool the view. Use a mirror to create the illusion of space and reflect light. Position the mirror across the window to reflect the view.

With these three errors, you are expected to avoid it in order to get maximum comfort for your apartment.